In a monumental stride that goes beyond the mere recognition of groundbreaking products, Femography, the trailblazing brand under the esteemed MAS Holdings, has clinched two ISPO Awards. This victory signifies not only a triumph in the realm of revolutionary active wear but also a pioneering effort in addressing the unmet needs of a long-forgotten customer segment: menopausal women. Moreover, it boldly ventures into uncharted territory by presenting a groundbreaking solution for men facing urinary incontinence.

Revolutionizing Women's Comfort - ISPO Award 2023

The ISPO Award 2023, a prestigious accolade, was bestowed upon Femography for its outstanding contribution to women's comfort. The revolutionary "Become" Absorbent Menopause Leggings, backed by South Asia’s largest apparel tech company, MAS Holdings, represents a paradigm shift in the industry. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women, often sidelined by the fashion industry, Femography is breaking the silence surrounding the transformative phase of menopause with an innovative and functional approach.

These Absorbent Menopause Leggings are not merely garments; they embody a thoughtful fusion of fashion and function. They address a spectrum of menopausal challenges including its top symptoms; hot flashes, night sweats, and urinary incontinence through the incorporation of patented technologies. The Anti-flush™ Technology and Absorbent Gusset Technology, validated through rigorous testing in collaboration with the Hohenstein Institute in Germany and clinical studies with UK universities, ensure not only comfort but confidence for women navigating through this transformative journey.

The imminent launch of the Absorbent Menopause Leggings in a variety of aesthetic colors and sizes ranging from XS to 4XL is a testament to Femography's commitment to inclusivity. Beyond leggings, the product line extends to a diverse array of menopause-friendly active wear, including bras, panties, shorts, and more, available through Femography's direct-to-consumer brand, "Become." This isn't merely a product launch; it's a redefinition of active wear for women, ensuring they stay healthy and confident at every stage of life.

Advancing Men’s Well-being - ISPO Textrends Award

Femography's commitment to inclusive comfort doesn't stop at women; it extends to addressing the unique challenges faced by men. The brand's triumph in the ISPO Textrends Award for Best Product in Men's Comfort solidifies its dedication to addressing the diverse needs of both gendersmen and women. With over 150 million men grappling with urinary incontinence (UI), Femography's Male Absorbent Underwear emerges as a meticulously designed solution.

This innovative solution features the heart of Femography's commitment - the Absorbent Pouch Technology. A one-way wicking quick-dry absorbent layer and a barrier layer seamlessly work together to wick, absorb, and lock away urine and sweat. This underwear, inspired by sports design, offers variations based on absorbency requirements – everyday, light, moderate, and heavy. From ultra-thin pouches for everyday wear to advanced absorbent pouch technology for varying urine leaks, the Male Absorbent Underwear is a testament to Femography's dedication in developing comprehensive solutions for men's comfort and well-being.

Performance features such as breathability, lightweight design, moisture management, and quick-dry capabilities redefine comfort for men. The finishing touches, including a hydrophobic print to promote gusset utilization, odor management properties and fabric dyeing, underscore Femography's commitment to blending functionality seamlessly with style.

Co-Founder and Chairman of MAS Holdings, Mahesh Amalean stated, “Winning two prestigious ISPO Awards is a testament to Femography's unwavering commitment to innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of sports apparel. The passion of our teams combined with our innovation and technology prowess keeps us ahead of the game as we address real needs of people around the world through what they wear. We have and always will be dedicated to enhancing and elevating lives through functional and revolutionary apparel.”

Femography's dual triumph at the ISPO Awards marks a paradigm shift in the industry, going beyond the mere recognition of groundbreaking products. It represents a bold stance in breaking the prevailing silence surrounding the distinct and often overlooked needs of both women and men. By challenging societal taboos, Femography positions itself at the forefront of a revolutionary narrative reshaping the comfort landscape for individuals facing the challenges of menopause and urinary incontinence.

In the words of Femography's CEO, Pilar Diaz, "The global recognition garnered through the ISPO Awards illuminates the impact of Femography on the international stage. It is a significant leap forward for us in our journey to redefine health and well-being for both women and men, giving them the confidence and drive to stay active as they go through the different life stages and challenges. It also motivates us to continue the conversation on taboo topics, break stigmas, and develop innovative products that make a real difference in their lives."

As Femography spearheads this transformative journey, it becomes a lifeline for women and men navigating life, dispelling the myth that comfort and style are mutually exclusive. The brand's commitment is not just about creating innovative solutions but also about fostering inclusivity within the broader conversation on comfort and well-being.

The ISPO Awards, particularly the ISPO Textrends Award, stand as a testament to Femography's unwavering dedication, recognizing the brand's excellence in producing the most innovative garments in the sports and outdoor sector. Conducted four a year , the award is a forward-looking acknowledgment which solidifies Femography's position as a trailblazer in the industry, consistently pushing boundaries and reshaping the discourse around women's and men's comfort and well-being.

In a world increasingly attuned to the unique needs of women and men in sports, Femography ensures that no one, regardless of gender, is left behind. The brand champions inclusivity with each award-winning product, making sports and everyday life more comfortable for individuals facing various challenges. Femography boldly confronts the silence that has long surrounded these issues, addressing needs that the fashion industry has historically neglected. With Femography, the era of change is not merely on the horizon; it's already unfolding.