​To be changemakers is in the DNA of MAS; and we have a plan to create that change. Reimagining a future beyond our lifetime, we are changing the way we approach apparel manufacturing in its entirety. Our collective effort to be sustainable is now pivotal to our growth. Today this commitment is embodied in a tangible and target-oriented PLAN FOR CHANGE.

The Plan For Change is our commitment to inspire sustainable change within our business, and among our customers, people, communities and environment. Under the three pillars - Product, Lives, and our Planet - we set out twelve measurable commitments that we aspire to make reality by 2025. These individual commitments serve as the roadmap in our journey to revolutionise apparel and textile manufacturing, ensuring sustainability is woven into the fabric of our industry. It is a journey we embark on hand-in-hand with our employees, our partners and our customers and a change that will better the future for all.

Sri Lanka cricket jersey
Sri Lanka cricket jersey

We are committed to design, develop, and manufacture products that are good for the wearer, good for the planet and therefore, good for our business. Our target is to generate 50% of our revenue from sustainable products by 2025.

Products Changed for Good
MAS worker


MAS worker

Our people and community are the soul of MAS. Collectively, the team breathes life into our vision for a better tomorrow. It is our commitment and responsibility to ensure that the work we do enhances the lives of everyone, sustaining them as they sustain us, and help change their lives for good.

Lives Changed for Good



It is our duty to leave our home a better place than what we inherited. At MAS we follow this ethic in everything we do. We commit to reducing any harmful impact caused to the planet and making systemic changes to safeguard its future.

Our Planet Changed for Good

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At MAS, we are driven by a powerful belief that sustainable change is essential for a better future. Our Plan for Change is our roadmap to creating a sustainable world for all stakeholders.

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