Sillicon Printed Gymwear


Sillicon Printed Gymwear

MAS Holdings is a global apparel tech conglomerate providing concept-to-delivery solutions for the world’s leading apparel brands.

We anticipate the trends of tomorrow to innovate solutions that push the boundaries of human potential. Our unique partnerships have led to groundbreaking progress while our commitment to the planet makes MAS Holdings the benchmark for sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

Lingerie wear
Lingerie wear

Our story

We were born to an island known for the mass production of apparel led by three brothers who viewed every challenge that came their way as an opportunity. Their pursuit would not end at creating high-quality lingerie. They envisioned and then accomplished the production of revolutionary sportswear, swimwear, and athleisure, building remarkable partnerships along the way. Today this legacy has made MAS a 2 billion dollar product co-creation partner sought-after by the world’s largest and most iconic apparel brands.

This journey was always bound by a stringent Code of Conduct that has made MAS Holdings the company it is today. As we continue to expand across borders, our innovations and processes continue to disrupt convention and challenge the status quo.

Today we are the employer and partner of choice for the best talent and brands in the industry.


A people-oriented culture is the hallmark of MAS Holdings. From inception, we had a clear mandate to prioritise the welfare of our employees and even today, we aspire to change lives for good. We put people before profit, providing working conditions that are conducive to a healthy and enriched lifestyle. We listen to our local communities, adapt to their needs and innovate to ease the challenges they face. Exemplary labour practices and their stringent enforcement make MAS the home of ethical manufacturing.

Moving beyond our WRAP Platinum certifications, we now have our own qualified team of independent compliance officers assuring that our standards are above par. The MAS story of guilt-free garments goes beyond awards and certifications. The benchmarks we set speak for themselves and our trusted partnerships are testament to this.

Learn more about our commitment to good corporate governance by reading through the sections on our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.

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Deconstructed Bra


Deconstructed Bra

We believe in creating an apparel eco-system that benefits our communities and our planet. This pushes us to identify shortfalls in our value chain and enhance our processes to bridge those gaps. We started this quest by establishing a raw material production base in Sri Lanka, fueling the growth of technical knowledge on the island.

Today, MAS Holdings' verticality includes the manufacture of lace, bra cups, elastics, synthetic fabric, printing, dyeing and finishing, accessories, logistics and warehousing for finished products, building the ideal apparel ecosystem.

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Our world faces many challenges which lie within human control. As a global conglomerate that nurtures over 100,000 individuals, we have a responsibility to work towards climate resilience, to enrich lives and to drive innovation that fuels positive change. The Plan for Change is MAS' commitment to our planet and future generations.

Our Plan for Change
Yarn winding for Fabric
Yarn winding for Fabric

The lean enterprise practice, a Japanese philosophy popularised by Toyota, inspired us at MAS Holdings to explore lean manufacturing. In an industry where mass production was the norm, this was a novel experiment that has resulted in enhancing our agility and ability to adapt. Today, our manufacturing capabilities are faster with less inventory in stock and less work-in-progress production. We create less waste and ultimately, a higher quality end product.

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The fortitude and foresight with which MAS Holdings has expanded its offerings in the last three decades, is attributed to the vision and direction of its leaders. They are believers of putting people first, in moving with the times, creating opportunity through adversity, and embracing change with courage.

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Every country, community and individual adds value to our journey and in turn, we hope to inspire every life we touch. Held firmly by our roots, we embrace new partnerships, encourage growth, and share our purpose across borders.

Our Global Presence
Strategic partnerships


Strategic partnerships

The entrepreneurial and innovative DNA of MAS has always driven us to seek valuable and mutually beneficial partnerships that have enabled growth, operational excellence as well as a proven track record in the global apparel arena.

Our relationships, above all, are based on shared values, mutual understanding, trust and steadfast business ethics.

Our strategic partners include:

Victoria’s Secret & Co (VS&CO)

Triumph Universa AG

Stretchline Holdings Limited

HIF Logistics (Private) Limited (Hellmann Worldwide Logistics)

Speedo International Limited


Prym Intimates Group Limited

Best Pacific International

Brandot International Limited