MAS Holdings and Sri Lanka National Paralympic Committee Celebrate Triumphs in Inclusivity and Innovation

The collaboration between MAS Holdings and the Sri Lanka National Paralympic Committee (NPC) has evolved into a dynamic partnership, resonating with a shared commitment to serve Para Athletes to their fullest potential. The recent felicitation ceremony, held at the Hive Auditorium on 16th of November, marked a celebration of the successful journey, breaking barriers and championing inclusivity in the world of sports.

The ceremony was in honour of the 26 Sri Lankan athletes who took part at the recent Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games who brought both glory and recognition to Sri Lanka with 11 medal wins (2 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze).

The relationship between MAS Holdings and the NPC has been a testament to the power of shared goals and mutual understanding. Both entities have immersed themselves in comprehending the unique needs and aspirations of Para Athletes in Sri Lanka.

Vice President of the Sri Lanka National Paralympic Committee, Mr. Priyantha Peiris, expressed his gratitude, stating, "The relationship between MAS Holdings and the National Paralympic Committee has been going from strength to strength in this short span of time simply because both organizations follow a common agenda in serving the Para Athletes to their full potential."

Mr. Peiris further commended MAS' commitment to innovation, stating, "the NPC is ever grateful to the innovations of MAS in taking these athletes forward. In the recent games in China, it was clearly displayed that clothing is an integral part of your body, and the athletes felt comfortable and enthusiastic."

The collaboration extends beyond mere sponsorship. MAS' iconic brand 'Lable', aims to promote inclusivity in society standing as a symbol of shedding old, outdated labels in society to make way for pride and respect within the Disability Community.

The recent felicitation ceremony not only celebrated the partnership but also showcased the innovative strides made in the design and development of adaptive sportswear. MAS Holdings, as the official Clothing Sponsor for the NPC, demonstrated its unwavering support by providing specially designed clothing that surpassed the conventional boundaries of sportswear.

The innovations showcased during the event were not just about aesthetics; they were about functionality and inclusivity. Track pants with wider leg openings for athletes with leg braces, specially designed shorts for Wheelchair Tennis athletes, and swim shorts personalized to accommodate variations in leg sizes due to muscle atrophy were just a few examples of MAS' commitment to meeting the adaptive requirements of each athlete.

Lable by MAS expressed pride in collaborating with the para-athletes and emphasized the importance of athlete feedback and wearer testing in the development of innovative clothing. The success of the adaptive clothing stands as a validation of MAS' commitment to innovation for every body and everybody.