Replacement of hard components with fabrics that fuel a softer touch, coupled with high-speed data transfer, touch textiles, and fabric peripherals.

AR/VR Solutions

Possibilities range from the creation of wearables for immersive experiences via motion analysis and feedback, to the utilization of our stretchable fabric-based high-speed data cables to transfer 4K video.

Smart Strap Solutions

Our Smart strap solutions describes our capabilities in knitting and elastics, to engineer wrist bands with advanced textiles. Flat knitting and woven elastics are some of the many construction techniques, we have on offer that enables the creation of high tolerance elastics and complex design structures. ​ We also offer a variety of soft sensors, that could be seamlessly integrated into the smart straps to derive metrics and provide feedback where necessary.

Interfaces of Connected Devices

Integration for applications in smart devices, audio, computer peripherals and packaging