Gamer performance needs to keep pace with technology. With the popularity of E-sports garnering momentum, lifestyle gamers come with their own set of challenges. The prolonged hours of play tend to hamper gamer health and performance. In fact, 6 in every 10 gamers suffer from wrist and forearm pain. We understand that gamers are no different than traditional athletes who use compression wear and tape to protect their critical muscles and prevent any injury. We formed a team comprising of passionate gamers, bio-mechanical engineers, material scientists and researchers, who driven by deep consumer insights innovated a range of technologies backed by research, to address the issues of wrist pain while providing ergonomic solutions to improve performance. We have developed the Magma Glove, which uses our proprietary active heating technology and compression to improve dexterity and warmups. The Sub-Zero Glove, on the other hand, uses passive cooling technology with compression to improve post-game recovery and manage acute any wrist and forearm conditions. The Posture Base Layer uses compression with posture correction elements to improve posture and blood circulation for better game play. The Power Compression Sleeve uses active compression technology to improve blood circulation in the forearm area for faster recovery and rejuvenation, ensuring that when gamers play, they play to win.