From seamless knitted textures to 3D texture placement for thermal regulation, we have innovated technologies that put performance at the heart of our gym wear designs.


We use engineered knit fabric with a unique texture or cameo mesh to make crop tops, incorporating deep arm holes, wider bands and a curved back hem to suit the functionality required for the product. Our crop tops made with zero side seams reduce waste generated in the production process.


Our t-shirts are manufactured with the cut and sew or seamless technology, constructed to be comfortable, breathable and lightweight. We use engineered fabric with graphic jacquard knit or cotton organic fabric with a natural wood chip tie dye method, creating t-shirts that are stylish and sustainable.


Our shorts are manufactured with cut and sew or seamless technology for comfort, breathability and lightweight. The shorts are designed to be squat and sheer proof for increased performance.


Manufactured with the cut and sew technology, our jackets are versatile in their engineering and aesthetic.


Our sports dresses are engineered to allow maximum range of motion with two-tone rib fabric, which allows the wearer to perform without restrictions.


Our gym pants are manufactured with the cut and sew or seamless technology keeping comfort and performance as priority. Rib structures are manipulated to create seamless pant legs and waistbands while also incorporating stylistic elements such as the cross front waistband or patch pockets.