Non-Executive Director - MAS Innovation

Commencing her career as a Global Marketing Manager at Philips in 1990, during her tenure of 26 years, she was actively involved in some of Philip’s key divisions such as Consumer Lifestyle, Healthcare and Lighting. When she was appointed as Vice President, Consumer Lifestyle Products, Asia in 2006, she succeeded in turning around the business by investing in innovation, capturing whitespace and prioritising people. She successfully re-established Philips’ presence in Singapore as an innovative leader in the health industry and set up the first Philips ASEAN Innovation Hub to create locally relevant solutions, propositions and partnerships in the field of healthcare.

In 2015, Harjit began working as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of HTC, Asia Pacific, with a mandate to revamp the business and set it up for growth.

Since then, she has taken up the role of Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), where she gives leadership to an association that collaborates with governments, regulators, healthcare providers and others to shape policies that give patients timely access to quality healthcare in both developed and developing markets across the Asia Pacific region.

She also holds multiple other directorships, advisory positions and Board roles across a diverse range of industries.

Harjit holds a BA in History, Politics & Sociology from the University of Manchester.