By Sugath Disanayake, Assistant Manager - Chemical Sustainability, MAS Capital

Product, Lives, and Planet form the bedrock of MAS' Plan for Change, serving as the pillars of sustainable apparel manufacturing at MAS Holdings. With a clear vision for the future, the company has set 12 sustainability goals to be accomplished by 2025, and within it, MAS intends to ensure a cleaner manufacturing process and thereby minimise harmful impacts to the environment.

The valuable partnership with bluesign® systems has supported MAS Fabrics - Intimo to do just that! This partnership demonstrates a steadfast commitment to meet specific sustainability criteria, with four particular areas in mind; resource efficiency, environmental impact, health and safety at work, and consumer protection.

Setting Standards

In essence, systems and standards such as bluesign® act as catalysts to disrupt the way clothes are made, offering solutions for sustainable apparel manufacturing. For example, adopting this system helps eliminate harmful substances from the get-go and sets stringent standards for environmentally friendly manufacturing, ensuring that the final textile product meets strict consumer safety requirements worldwide, while giving consumers confidence in their purchase decisions.

It is important for manufacturers such as MAS, who are dominant players in the apparel industry, to take a comprehensive approach through globally recognised standards that ensure sustainability without sacrificing product functionality, quality, or design.

A Helping hand towards a Cleaner Future

Within the dynamic framework of the bluesign® system and innovative approach of the ‘Input Stream Management’, this partnership is an important step toward our 2025 chemical management goals.

So, what exactly does that entail? The ‘Input Stream Management’ ensures that approved raw materials and chemical products are utilised all throughout the value chain, assuring that sustainable methods and materials be embedded from the garment’s inception.

As we move forward, our aim is to continue incorporating the bluesign® system across all our dyeing facilities. This not only signifies our commitment to sustainability but also acts as a catalyst for a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.

Breaking new ground at MAS, we, as proponents of sustainable apparel manufacturing, celebrate the dedication of our teams’ investments in this system, as they forge a path towards a more sustainable future.