At MAS, innovation is the fabric of the organisation. We innovate by integrating our platform technology into apparel, creating wearable technology solutions for a spectrum of challenges.

Thermal regulation integrated into apparel, ideal for skiers or mountain climbers, maintains body temperature without being weighed down by layers of outer clothing. Thermal apparel addresses the issue of staying warm in extremely low temperatures or cooling down in warm climates.

Our integrated illumination solutions, allow runners to train and perform at night without worrying about their safety and improves on site visibility of construction workers and miners. Our ability to integrate GPS technology into clothing makes it easier to track hikers and explorers. The silicone application, a licensed technology of depositing silicone into structured fabrics, enhances the body’s natural movements and curves. This technology has found uses in lingerie, shapewear, athleisure, sportswear and protective gear.

Thermal moulding uses thermal energy and pneumatic energy to mould fabric and foam seamlessly to form three dimensional silhouettes that are then used for intimates and sports wear. With our research, technology and innovation, we want to change the way the world moves by changing the way we imagine the world.